About Taiwo


I started my adult life as an actor and after ten years moved to working with adults who were homeless and/or with severe and enduring mental illness in drop-in settings. In this time I qualified as a Drama therapist and ran support groups for the drop-in clients and confidence building workshops for women.

From 2000 to 2010 I was a project manager in the public sector. My contract ended and because of the cuts in public spending work dried up. I didn’t know what I wanted to do - I knew didn’t want to continue with what I was doing but I wasn’t clear about what I wanted or what I could do. I tried to get support but didn’t know where to find the right support.

As I approached 50 I found myself taking stock of my life – did I achieve what I wanted? Was there still time to achieve those things? Was I a success or failure? I was having conversations with friends, family and clients who seemed to be going through similar things. In 2010 I was told that because of my age I was virtually unemployable – I was 48. I knew this to be rubbish and realised that society still view midlife as the beginning of the Green Mile to death but to me midlife is a new beginning not the beginning of the end.

I also knew that me and most people of my age group would be getting little or no pension which means we will be working later in life. So, I figured if I’m getting out of bed to go to work with my bones creaking, and my joints aching then I’d better be doing something I love.

With one of my mentors, Blair Singer

With one of my mentors, Blair Singer

One day I went to a coaching seminar to understand what coaching was all about and by the end of the first exercise I realised coaching was something I’d been doing in some way for most of my adult life, both personally and professionally. I now have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching with Animas Centre for Coaching and I am a Blair Singer Training Academy certified Coach, Trainer and Facilitator and over the years I’ve coached dozens of people to overcome barriers to achieving their career and life goals. 

Today, I am living in a way that I want and I have found this opens me up to take opportunities that enable me to create how I live my life.

I am passionate about working with people approaching or in their middle years to reconnect with their own passion and create their desired lifestyle for the next chapter in their lives and it’s for this reason I created The New 5ifty.